My Apache

12 Apr

As any busy genealogist can attest, the road of happy coincidences widens as one persists in “the search”.  The following is just one of many such occurrences.

During a conversation with a primo in El Paso, my primo mentioned having accompanied his friend Dr. Roman, a well known Pediatrician in El Paso, Texas, to Cuchillo Parado.  When he told me that Dr. Roman had gone there in search of his roots, I laughingly told him that Dr. Roman and I have a common ancestor — A full-blooded Apache!

I called Dr. Roman and related the following:

When I began my research I hit a dead-end with my grandma Rosa Flores Lujan’s great-grandfather Lorenzo Murto and his wife Ricarda Ramirez.

Then one day, while perusing through Ojinaga “amonestciones”  (Marriage Bans), I ran across a petition from Lorenzo Murto, now a widower, who was seeking to marry Manuela Abreo. The petition further stated that he was of the Apache Nation and the adopted son of Lorenzo Lopez Murto (Coyame), whose name he carries.

Bingo!  My first documented Indigeno.

My connection to Dr. Roman is a “Leyva”, who married Isidora, the sister of Casimiro Murto, my great-grandfather.  Casamiro Murto is the son of the above mentioned Lorenzo Murto.

Prima Elisa


One Response to “My Apache”

  1. oscar December 1, 2010 at 6:00 PM #

    Was Lorenzo a survivor of the Tres Castillos massacre or similar pogrom or was he one from one of the pueblos asentados? Depending on the answer, he was either a Mimbreno, Mescalero or Chiricahua, and you both have family in Mescalero Reservation, or he was a Lipan or Jumano and maybe relatives near the old mililtary base where Geronimo, Nana, Naiche etc were held in Oklahoma.

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