Digging Up The Roots

14 Apr

My first trip to Redford and Ojinaga took place in April of 1989.  Aside from meeting Chita Madrid, and whoever was still in Redford, my main objective was to locate descendants of my grandfather’s eight siblings.

The eight siblings are:  Marcos, Valentin, Juan, Reyes, Paz, Pomposa, Severita, and Susana.

I knew that the eldest, Marcos, had settled in Sierra Blanca.  I was also aware that there could be siblings in Marfa.  But, other than that, I had nothing concrete to go by.

When I got to Marfa, I learned that Bibiano had lived most of his life there.  I have the names of some of his offspring but have yet to meet them.  I next met the daughters of Severita Lujan Tercero.  From them I learned that Susana married Desiderio Tercero and went to live in Ojinaga.  Her grandson, Manuel Tercero Proano, was running for Presidente for a second time. We should look him up.  We were very short on time but did attempt to find him and another grandson, Attorney Manuel Machuca.

We did not have time to look for Juan and Valentin or Reyes, but on subsequent trips I did connect with descendants of Valentin and Juan.  I found no trace of Reyes, but finally on my last trip to Ojinaga, Victor Sotelo Mata (author of  “Ojinaga En Una Loma”) and the former Presidente informed me that Reyes had received a parcel of land as payment  for his participation in the Revolution.  He lived out his life in La Mula or thereabouts.  According to Victor, there are many Lujans there.

I never found any of my descendants of Paz.  I did find documents of three marriages, but I’m not sure it is my PazPomposa, I did find, was married to Gabino Anchez and was living in Shafter.  But I have found no present day connections thus far.

It is my hope that this entry will have positive results, and someone out there will contact me.

By the way, I once attempted to print a list of the descendants of Siriaco Lujan, my earliest Lujan in La Junta.  I never printed it because the records ran over 600 pages.  Imagine, over one ream of paper!   And that is excluding those that I am unable to locate.

I tell you — don’t throw a rock at anyone in La Junta . You just may hit a primo.

Prima Elisa


2 Responses to “Digging Up The Roots”

  1. Sylvia Madrid February 6, 2011 at 3:25 PM #

    I’m attempting to get started on my roots. I have such a sketchy verbal list of relatives. I’m hoping you can help me out. I too have relatives in the general vacinity. My grandfather was originally from Cuchio Prado but settled in El Mulato as an adult. The last name is Madrid (or not). Seems that is his mothers (great grandmother) maiden name. Do you have any information from that region. Also on my maternal grandmothers side all the information is that she lived in Shafter and husband worked in the mine. Any information or help will be appreciated.

  2. Sam August 28, 2011 at 12:57 AM #

    This is a very interesting site. I have spend a lot of time trying to connect the dots on my Great Grandfathers decendents from Redford. This site has some great information. I will review my information (my Great Grandfather/Grandmother and their immediate brothers and sisters offspring). Who knows? I might be able to shed some light on the period from 1900 to 1950 that might be helpful to you and all the others reading your website. You would think the amount of people living in the area during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, someone could probably put a ‘tree together’ connecting the family lines. Some, while small, I have. I will continue to read your blog for further updates. Great Job!!


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