Los De Anda

7 Jul

At the beginning of my genealogy research, it looked as if there only been one De Anda in early Presidio del Norte (Ojinaga). Later on, I did find five more De Anda males. However, subsequent research has not revealed any of their descendants. I was pleased to find however, that Jose De Anda had been a teacher in early Presidio del Norte.

Jose De Anda married Regina Villa, who was a daughter of soldier Diego Villa, in 1806. They had ten children, nine of whom were boys.  I then lost track of them and later discovered a Jose De Anda that was married to Juana Ramos.  I had no way of knowing if this was the same Joe De Anda. Further research however, revealed that Regina Villa had passed away, and that Juana Ramos was the widow of Sinforoso Galindo. I also learned that Juana was the mother of three boys of her own.  Therefore, the combined De Anda household was quite a large family.

A daughter of Jose De Anda and Regina Villa (Refugio) proceeded to marry her step-brother Marcos Galindo. They in turn had thirteen children. One of them, (Gertrudis) later married Dolores Zosa.(see:“Haciendita”)

Grand-daughter Ynez, married Marcos Lujan, the eldest of my grandfather’s siblings. Her sister (Petra) married Vidal Acosta, the brother Uncle of my grandpa.  Ynez finished out her life in Sierra Blanca, Texas.  Petra remained in Terelingua, Texas (a mining town). I doubt whether the two sisters ever saw each other again after parting ways.

If you are not totally confused, you will likely agree that links to other branches of the La Junta Tribe are extensive.

My own Stockton, California primos are descendants of Antonio De Anda, a grandson of (teacher, pioneer) Jose De Anda.  And the family tree continues to grow.

Prima Elisa


2 Responses to “Los De Anda”

  1. Debbie Rede Lopez Pimentel July 7, 2010 at 11:07 PM #

    ah the many Branches of the Tree. With each Branch comes the unending veins of the growing families.

  2. Jennifer Nairne July 13, 2012 at 11:08 PM #

    Hello! I was wondering what source you used to find the marriage of Jose De Anda and Regina Villa. I found it on FamilySearch.org in the “Mexico, Marriages, 1570-1950” Collection, but it was listed as Sept 2, 1801 (rather than in 1806, as you stated in the blog). I just wanted to make sure I was chasing the right people! Maybe the index online is incorrect? Thanks for your help!

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