Ode To Gode

11 Mar

My friend, Gode Davis, would be the first to chuckle at this title. In all the years I knew him, ninety percent of his conversations turned into whimsical (at times ironic) humor that kept me in stitches.

I don’t recall exactly how our “cyber-space” acquaintance began, but soon Gode was sharing details of his “work in progress” Documentary: American Lynchings.  I in turn told him about a massacre that took place in El Porvenir, Texas, and led him to 95 year –old lone -survivor Juan Flores. Within a short time Gode was in Odessa, Texas, where he and his crew filmed a heart-wrenching account of the brutal killings.  He said that after Juan Flores delivered his account of the mass murder, there was not a dry eye in the room.

I never ceased to be amazed at the extent of Gode’s experiences, and the endless list of renowned figures he’d met.  Gode, a published writer, had a major ambition:  To finish his documentary:  “American Lynchings”.  Sadly: due to the economy decline—or the “Bush World” as he called it.  He was unable to complete his dream.

To the end, Gode was my severest critic and supporter.  He pushed me to complete my books. Gode never missed an opportunity to remind me that “time” was of the essence … that I was fast approaching my eighties. Little did we dream that he would be the first to go.  I lost my friend on September 21, 2010, and with him, went a slice of my life that cannot be replaced.

Gode kept daily journal for years!  I can only imagine the magnitude of adventures, and observations contained therein.  I pray that his legacy is in good hands and makes it to print.

La Prima Elisa


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