27 Apr

Initially, my genealogy search was intended to locate the descendants of my Grandfather Esteban Lujan’s nine siblings.


REYES AND POMPOSA: To date I have touched bases with all but the youngest of the boys (Reyes), and a sister (Pomposa).  Thanks to Primo Victor Sotelo Mata’s high mobility as Ojinaga Presidente, he learned that Reyes settled south of Ojinaga on land that he received for having participated in the Mexican Revolution.

SEVERITA:   Esteban’s sister (Severita) married Pedro Tercero.  Interestingly, their son (Reynaldo) was a lifetime chauffer of the prominent Brite family of Marfa, Texas.

SUSANNA:  His sister (Susanna) married Deciderio Tercero, the grandfather of Manuel Tercero Proano, who was twice the Ojinaga presidente.

PAZ:  Esteban’s sister (Paz) married Romualdo Heredia, whose Daughter (Cruz) married Manuel Dutchover.

MARCOS:  The eldest brother (Marcos), the only sibling that was born in Mexico, married Ynez De Anda and settled in Sierra Blanca, Texas where he was a successful entrepreneur.

BIBIANO:  Bibiano Lujan married Luz Quiroz and lived his life out in Marfa, Texas.

JUAN and VALENTIN: Juan and Valentin Lujan, despite being USA citizens, chose to live in Tierras Nuevas Ojinaga.  Valentin descendants are still farming there.  Valentin’s wife was “Mama Lola” (see: ‘Jewel Created from Mud”, in Blog).

To date I have not been able to locate descendants of Pomposa Lujan and Gabino Sanchez.  Gabino is part of the extended family of Victor Sotelo Mata.  I do have three of their children on file.  They are:

Jose Maria Vicente: 1/7/1885

Juan: 4/28/1883

Macario: 3/10/1892.  (Macario was born in the mining town of Shafter, Texas).

It is my fervent hope that someone out there can provide the missing link to the extensive La Junta Sanchez line.




  1. Jerry Lujan April 27, 2012 at 9:44 AM #


    What a job you have done. While searching for your grandfather’s siblings and their decendents, you have found my grandfathers siblings and decenednts as well. Not only that, but you take it way back to our earliest roots and discover that in many instances we are double cousins

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