Ode To Ojinaga

Nothing is more stirring than waking up in an old Mexican Town.

Vivid blue skies shine upon remnants of Colonial Times.

Structures, their lower halves painted blue, green or purple “Guarda Polvo” (an ancient custom for concealing dirt), are still seen here and there.

Church Bells ring as the elderly, faithful rush across El Socalo to Mass.

Early bird entrepreneurs, wearing a pile of hats  (their entire inventory on their heads) search for a suitable spot.

Early “Bench Philosophers” take their customary seats, and begin to while the hours away.

Old dusty pickup trucks race up and down La Avenida – Trazvina Retis with their blaring radios. Tooting  horns, shouting, and an occasional loud Baritone ring in the new day.

Barely missing an occasional scraggly dog, they disappear into side-streets to deliver their wares.

Ojinaga Is Waking Up!


One Response to “Ode To Ojinaga”

  1. Belinda July 18, 2011 at 9:50 PM #

    Hello! This is Belinda Roman, daughter of Dr. Jose Roman of El Paso, Texas whom you mention in your comments. Before my father passed, he told me of your conversation but could not find your contact details, as I hoped to continue with the story.

    Please contact me when you have a chance.


    B. Roman

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